Email a maximum of two square images to: communitycollectiveexhibit@gmail.com

The Community Collective Photography Showcase is a great opportunity to have your work on display alongside some pretty amazing artists. It is free to submit, and the printing and framing is free, thanks to the good folks at Social Print Studio.

The submission period runs until March 3rd with the show running from April 8th until May 8th at the The Capital Fringe.  While we will feature many artists from the DMV, we welcome all that are willing to travel to the exhibit.  If you are selected to appear in the exhibit you will be contacted by email and you are free to set your own pricing for the sell of your photo.  The Capital Fringe will receive 10% off of the sell of your photo and will have your photo ready for sell through their cashiering system prior to the exhibit.

This is a collective effort brought to you by the amazing people from IGDCA Creative DCExposed DCDC Focused, and Streetmeet DC will definitely be memorable. So make sure you submit your best work and we will take care of the rest.

Submission rules:

Please submit a maximum of two square format images to: communitycollectiveexhibit@gmail.com

The Community Collective Photography Showcase - Second Edition